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Company NameA&D Manufacturing Company, Limited
Capitalization81.8 million yen
ShareholderA&D Company, Limited 100%.
PresidentEisuke Oogaku
No. of Employees283 (as of March 31, 2023)
LocationHeadquarters/Tsukuba Factory
4210-15, Takasai, Shimotsuma-shi, Ibaraki 304-0031, Japan
TEL: +81-296-43-7035
FAX: +81-296-43-6007

Hidaka Factory
7-5 Harajuku, Hidaka-shi, Saitama 350-1205, Japan
TEL: +81-42-985-4668
FAX: +81-42-985-4519

Fukaya Factory
161 Hanzawa Shinden, Fukaya-shi, Saitama 369-0221, Japan
TEL: +81-48-585-6221
FAX: +81-48-585-6232

Nishitama Factory
3-4-17 Nagaoka, Mizuho-cho, Nishitama-gun, Tokyo 190-1232, Japan
TEL: +81-42-513-9201
FAX: +81-42-513-9204

Administration Division
1-243 Asahi, Kitamoto-shi, Saitama-ken 364-8585 Japan
TEL: +81-48-593-3394
TEL: +81-48-593-3395
BusinessElectronic measuring instruments, industrial weighing scales, electronic balances, medical electronic equipment, testing machines and other manufactured applied electronic equipment
Quality AssuranceQuality Management System, ISO9001 Certified as a multisite by A&D Corporation
Quality Management System for Medical Devices, ISO13485
Registration System for Calibration Service Providers under the Measurement Law. JCSS Certificate No. 0099 International MRA Compliance.
Designated Manufacturing Business Operator of Class 1 Mass Meters. Designation No. 020801
Designated Manufacturing Business Operator of Class 1 Mass Meters. Designation No. 021101

Company History

History of Former Litra Corporation
History of Former Orientec Corporation
History of SUM Electro Mechanics

1955/10 Kensei Kogyo Co., Ltd. was established. Reference manual balance series, 30 kg/5 kg/200 g With our unique front gripping auto-lock
1956 Received Kanagawa Prefecture Governor's Award (direct dial reading type). Chain-balanced automatic top-loading balance
Projected rapid chemical balance
Direct reading balance gritter
Unit 1 exported to Burma; air damper, magnified projection scale type, micro mass tilt angle reading system.
1957 Direct reading balance model no. 2 Sales agreement signed with Tokyo Koki Co. Ltd (Pointer).
1958 Direct reading balance model no. 3 Equipped with Japan's first taring device.
1959 RM type direct reading balance With 1/100 reading vernier, remote control type
1960 Direct reading balance model 4 Constant sensitivity method, parallel part assembly type. Became production model.
1962 Formed an industrial cooperative complying with the government policy of the Law for the Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises and worked as executive director to realize Hakari Industrial Park.
1963 Japan signed a contract to export large quantities of corner direct reading balances to U.S. high schools for use in student experiments. Demonstrated product excellence. Direct reading balance model V-410 With guidance from Professors Masuo and Maeda of the Osaka Institute of Technology.
Top-loading direct reading balance TOP-200 Eccentric cylindrical blades are used, 1/20,000 accuracy.
Direct reading balances no. 7, no. 8 Mass production system using die-cast cases.
1966 Signed import and sales contract with Sauder, West Germany.
1967 Launched an electronic high-speed automatic weighing and recording device (labeling scale), pioneering the industry's shift to electronic weighing. (2 U.S. and Japan patents) Electronic high-speed automatic weighing and recording device (labeling scale) Osaka Institute of Technology method, industry's first pulse counter
1968 Top-loading direct reading balance TOP-1200L Eccentric cylindrical blade realizes high accuracy.
1969 New industrial park in Tsukuba Science City, Shimotsuma, Ibaraki Prefecture was completed. Automatic top-loading balance TOP-E Moved into the industrial park and developed a new product - a conveyor mass production system.
1971 Entered the commercial electronic weighing sector. Photoelectric price computing scale EW Spring-loaded type. Approval of type obtained.
Utilized conveyor mass production system.
1972 Introduced technology from Bizerba of West Germany and successfully developed a pendulum type electronic price computing scale with the highest performance in Japan. Photoelectric pendulum price computing scale (Bizerba) Researched OME production/mass production technology.
1973 Entered the field of industrial pollution control and successfully developed an automatic monitoring system for suspended solids in water. Delivered to Nippon Steel Corporation and other major paper companies.
1977 Direct reading balance model KY-II Limit technology for precision mechanical balances. 1/100 mg with preliminary measurement.
1978 The industry's first calculator scale dedicated to pharmaceuticals with a built-in microcomputer is presented at the All Japan Pharmaceutical Equipment Exhibition held at Okayama University. This led to the development of new markets for hospitals and pharmacies.
Recognized by Ibaraki Prefecture for excelence in product creation. In addition, a tablet weighing system, which received a subsidy for new product development from the Tokyo International Trade Office, was completed.
Direct reading balance model KY-III High performance balance, for Yamato Scientific Co., Ltd. Elastic fulcrum is adopted.
Calculator scale for dispensing inspection EG-200C Elastic fulcrum is adopted. Received attention for its pharmaceutical use.
1979 Pioneered a new field of weighing instruments. Delivered shipboard scales to the Fisheries Agency and installed them on ocean development research vessels to help in the 200 nautical mile problem. Calculator scale for dispensing EG-210W Elastic fulcrum is adopted. This will be a much-watched product.
Analytical electronic balance model EU-198A Electromagnetic balance with lower pan. It will be an original new product.
Shipboard scales With guidance from Professors Masuo and Maeda of the Osaka Institute of Technology.
1980 Line-up of a wide range of electronic balances from 0.1 mg to 100 kg for research analysis and general industrial use for the Japan Science Meeting held at Kinki University. Launched a revolutionary product line of microcomputer-integrated devices.
1982 Collaborated on mechatronics systems with A&D Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of electronic measuring instruments. Electronic balances EX, EY, EZ Series Specialized in extreme and complex technologies.
1984 Electronic balance EW, ER-180, ET Low-cost personal type, high precision analysis type, and dispensing type are released.
1985 Electronic balance technology is licensed to China. Electronic balances ER-182A, EP series Line-up from 0.01 mg semi-micro model up to 60 kg heavyweight.
1986 Licensed electronic balance technology to Pompay Company, India. Electronic balances FX and FY Series Multi-mode, multi-function equipped.
1987 Electronic balances FA and FB Series The Pharmaceutical Affairs Law is revised. Becomes a big hit.
1988 Phase 1 of construction of Tsukuba Plant (1,360 ㎡) is completed. Began production of analytical electronic balance FR series.
1990 Began production of ME equipment. Began production of the blood pressure monitoring system TM2700 series.
1991 Phase 2 of construction of Tsukuba Plant (2,927 ㎡) is completed. Started production of analytical electronic balance HA series and general-purpose electronic balance HX series with built-in weights.
1994 Started production of heavyweight electronic balance HP series, general purpose electronic balance HF series, compact electronic balance EK-G/EW-G series, and fully automatic blood pressure meter TM2654.
1995 Obtained ISO9002 certification (Certificate no. JQA=0786).
Obtained designated manufacturing business operator (Certificate no. 020801).
Started production of electronic balance for high precision analysis HR/HM series.
1997 Integrated into ISO 9001 as part of A&D's quality system multi-site conversion (Certificate no. JQA-1021). Started production of the blood pressure monitoring device 2540R series.
1998 New warehouse (Building no. 5) completed.
Certified as an "outstanding tax filing corporation" (Shimodate Tax Office).
Started production of the high precision analytical electronic balance GR series and the 24-hour portable automated blood pressure monitor TM2430 series.
2002 ISO 9001:2000 version, certified
2004 Received "outstanding tax filing corporation" (Shimodate Tax Office) certification a second time.
2005 A&D Co., Ltd. acquires 100% of company shares.
2006 ISO 13485:2003, certified
2023/1 Kensei Kogyo Co., Ltd. merges with A&D's manufacturing subsidiaries, Litra Corporation and Orientec Corporation.
Company name was changed to A&D Manufacturing Company, Limited.
2024/1 Merged with SUM Electro Mechanics Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary of A&D Company, Ltd.

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